Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She may kill me for posting this, but had to share at least part of this conversation with my very dear, lit-nerd friend...

Over a lunch-time text conversation, she and I were discussing Lord of the Rings, being lit-nerds, and people's eye-rolling at our hilarious sentiment:

me: Yesterday, I told my family that it would be wonderful to name a dog "Strider" - they just laughed at me =/ =)

lh: That is a perfect name! I still want to have two cats named Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson...

me: Gaaaah! I'd probably instantly fall for a man with a dog named Pilot =')

Oh goodness... I was tearing up with delight. Love that girl, and love those names!

Other literary pet-names??


  1. I would like to get a very large furry dog (like a Newfoundland or a Leonberger) and name him Beorn (from The Hobbit).

  2. Oh! I think that's a great idea! =)

  3. This post is currently my favorite thing on the internet. I love you darling!

  4. Samara, I'm pretty sure we have had this conversation before! ;) haha! Sherlock is a great name for a dog...just saying. ;) Or Walter perhaps.