Wednesday, August 1, 2012

summer wishes and sunny days

Well, I hope you had a fantastic day--because I sure did!

Finally out of school, I've gotten to spend more time with this amazing lady:
[Vintage graduation party]
Cami and I have dined at my favorite french restaurant, reminisced about our European adventures, seen NT Live's Frankenstein, recommended gazillions of films and books, and shared about cool dreams we have for "someday."

Today we had an all-day date. What fun!
This morning we went and saw Moonrise Kingdom - simply superb, even a second time =)
And then... well, lets just say I had a wish granted.
I haven't been on a [speed] boat in 5 years. Yah. Since my senior class trip to Chelan.
Well, anyway, I've been craving lake-time a lot and today I got just that:

[Couldn't help myself from quoting What About Bob: "AHOY! I'm a Sailor!"]
And despite the forecast, what a lovely day it turned out to be!!
Though, I'm proud to say that after four hours in the sun, I am not lobster red. Yes, Mr. Sun, I'll keep my pasty-white, thank you very much.
Cami's dad - a weathered sailor and sea captain - took the two of us out on his boat and we got to relax and chat and plan movie nights. [Cami - we really need to start a list... haha]

[I even attempted wakeboarding. It wasn't an abysmal failure--but it wasn't exactly successful. We'll call it a tie and hope for a rematch.]
Seattle sun, Wes Anderson, amazing friends, the lake and a boat.

I don't know what more one could ask from a Summer day =)


  1. Love you, Samara! Glad you had such a fun time! Love spending time with you & yes we definitely need to start a list ;)

  2. Looks like so much fun! And love the What About Bob? quote :)

  3. this sounds just about perfect. LOVE YOU TWO!! you are some favorites for sure :)