Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Um. My niece is walking and has pigtails!

6 months ago we were praying for her just to register on the growth chart. 
But God is SO good. He turned on her appetite--for food and for life! Now, not only does she eat constantly, she growls... like full on growls when she wants something or wants to express herself. 

Ida  - from one girlie sandwiched between two brothers to another: I should have thought of growling. Ross and Jack will probably relate to you way easier that way. So, I say, keep rocking those girlie dresses, bows, and pigtails... but show the world that you can growl. Because there are big things waiting for you out there and no matter how tiny your starting point (or in my case, finishing point) - God's gonna use you to reveal His glory, Sweet Girl.

He already has.

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