Friday, March 15, 2013

B+W Love

There is just something about black and white.

I think it automatically appears to us as art because, while we see in color, someone or thing has been cast in a black and white re-presentation of themselves.  It's mimetic while remaining boldly artistic.  Or in the words of our beloved, bow-tied Nerd-man: "the obviously constructed nature of the scene would by its own artificiality, create it’s own sense of... verisimilitude."  It is real, but at the same time it is unafraid to be art.

But I may be reading into this too much :)

I've been watching a lot of B + W films lately and have been impressed with shots from them - especially behind-the-scenes - but also of more recent shots in B + W.  Here are a few faves:

[Marlon Brando in his Academy Award winning performance of Terry Malloy - On the Waterfront]

[Because just wow!]

[Oh and he had a kitty]
[Walt Disney and Shirley Temple presenting at the 1939 Oscars]

[Adorable Audrey]

[Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard filming Breakfast at Tiffany's]

[These three!!  PS - I love Harrison's hipster glasses! Via]

And in honor of the new season they're about to start shooting, in B + W, the gents of Sherlock:

[Thanks to the dear friend who forwarded this along to me ;) ]


  1. I was just thinking similar thoughts on photos last night! A little different...but similar thoughts...I might post about it ;)
    But anyways - I LOVE those pictures and I LOVE B&W. :)

  2. Filming starts color of course, but who says we can't appreciate it sans color? :)