Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Days of Books: At the Back of the North Wind

Thanks to everyone who has shared their excitement over this project.  I'm happy to finally be getting some thoughts and recommendations out there.  I've come up with a list, but if there are any specific books I've read (or you think I've read) that you'd like to read my mini-review of, please leave a comment below!  Thanks again for reading :)

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Title: At the Back of the North Wind

Author: George MacDonald

Published: 1871

Year I read it: 2008

One sentence summary: The fantastical tale of a boy named Diamond going on adventures with the North Wind and, eventually, to the land that lies at her back. 

Three reasons to read it:

  • MacDonald's fantasy is tantamount! Chesterton, Lewis, Tolkien - they wouldn't be who they are without it. 
  • This is a beautiful depiction both of God's sovereignty and of child-like faith. 
  • Immersing yourself in awe & mystery for a few hundred pages does wonders for the soul 

One reason you maybe shouldn't:

  • My brothers tease me mercilessly, saying this book is really creepy, partly because of their interpretation of the ending, partly because it's their job to tease me.  (May I assure you, it's rather beautiful!) 

Great quote:

I begin to think there are better things than being comfortable.

A poet is a man who is glad of something, and tries to make other people glad of it too.

Only he knew that to be left alone is not always to be forsaken.
This whole passage.


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  2. I still need to read this one too :) I have read, though, Phantastes (meh) and Lilith by George MacDonald. Have you read Lilith? If not, you should! :) It is quite an amazing book - it sounds like it might be "similar" to At The Back of the North Wind. I'm pretty sure I marked up at least half of Lilith - so much truth told in such a beautiful child-like way. :) If you have read Lilith, I would be interested in hearing how you compare it with ATBOTNW.

  3. Also, in regards to suggestions for your reviews, I would love to hear what you think about a Jane Austen novel ;)
    And/or Heart of Darkness, some true story or biography, and perhaps a Shakespeare review?? :)