Monday, October 7, 2013

Emma Approved! Episode 1

Emma is out!!

And here's a re-enactment of my reactions to their first video:

AHHHH!  It's finally here!  Monday's can be happy again!

Emma's not blonde - wow.

LOVE that they worked in the first line!

The wink... Emma would do that.

Ah, the Westons.  
Good backdrop for Emma's office... and the pink blazer and matching lipstick suits her.
Knightley!  Makes sense.  I mean, who would wait 60 episodes to introduce a key character like that?

Why isn't his name "George"?  I mean, I know, it does sound a bit old fashioned, and that we just had 2 royal babies named George (Will & Kate's, Mary & Matthew's) - but did you really have to change it?  To Alex?

Oooh... multiple cameras.

Um... I still don't understand who her audience is.  Like, there needs to be an in-world reason, why these videos are being uploaded to the Internet.  (But this is only the first episode so I will wait patiently for reasons...  Um... is it Thursday yet?)

Emma needs an assistant?  Entrer Harriet Smith?

Knightley seems to translate well to 21st Century America.

Ok... wow.  Please stop winking already.

Call off the wedding?  Oh my!  Trouble in Highbury?  Not Emma Approved!

Such fun!  Though I'm not sure anything will be able to match the experience the Lizzie Bennet Diaries gave me, I am very much looking forward to this new adaptation!  Great job, Pemberly Digital!

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