Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Long Way Off // Gungor

So I’m born this bundle of skin and sinew, and then after a few years I learn to speak to these other egocentric mammals who have also learned to speak. And together we come up with grand stories and, who knows, maybe experience bits of revelation from beyond the vail. But these days of ours are very short and our experience very limited. We live a few moments, and then like mist, we disappear into the Mystery from whence we came.

So why are we so arrogant?

Why do we, the mist, the sinew, the breath think that the Mystery is so small as to fit into our little brains through the extremely limited data set of information that we have access to as we clutch for our lives to this ball of dirt soaring precariously through space and time? Because as clever as we can be, we are also fools.
- Michael Gungor,

The erudite composed a thesis
Everything we see is all, all, all there is
But as an apophatic mystic
We’re a long way
We’re a long way
We’re a long way off

When the waves of time
Wash the shores stark clean
Of the memories, the last of me
With my castles gone to the constant sea
Will you stay with me
Stay with me 

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