Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#flatmateconvos, pt. 1

So... my flatmate and I have the best conversations.  Sometimes I think back on them, or are in the middle of them and think - "wow, she/I just said that.  That's brilliant/hilarious/awful/weird/awesome/_____."  Anyway, I thought I'd start recording some of the gems for the sake of posterity.

Beks (on being single):  I may be a unicycle in a bicycle world, but I'm okay with that.

Samara:  I don't know, I just think water's pretty existential. Don't you?

Samara:  So I found out today that a guy at the office really likes Sherlock and has watched some Doctor Who.
Beks:  Oh and have you discussed baby names?
Samara:  Hamish, obvi!
Both:  Hahaha!
[For the record: I'm not that desperate!]

Both:  It doesn't have cheese?  Then it's not dinner.

Both:    "Well..."  (pronounced like "whale" with a long "l" :)


  1. SO glad you posted this!!! :D We are totes supes adorbs :)

  2. Love these!
    I laughed at the unicycle one! And the guy in your office who likes SH & DW - Bek cracks me up!!
    I cant wait to come over :)