Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Highlights

[Wrote this up last week but never finished.]

Hello and Merry Christmas!!  It's December - it's past Thanksgiving - and that means the Christmas music I've been listening to for weeks is finally sanctioned. :)

But before we get to Christmas... a few high-points from our fall feast weekend!

//  My Thanksgiving break actually began Wednesday with a trip to the Doctor's, followed by a 4 and 1/2 hour nap.  I had been sick for a week leading up to that - mostly in bed - but trying to work, but my body was "improving" at a pathetic rate.  Thanks to modern medicine, I am on my way to rejoining the land of the living.

// The feast-day came and I headed over to my parents - first time "going home for the holidays."  I always lived at home - even through college.  So even though it takes less than 1 song to drive to my parents, it was exciting!  Here's me, setting off on my trek:

// Going home meant seeing my brother, Josiah, who goes to school over in Eastern Washington (and is about to graduate with his Master's in one week).  My aunt, uncle, and cousin also came over and thus commenced our 3rd or 4th annual Thanksgiving with them.  My aunt is a fellow English major and we can talk for days hours (I think our record is 9 hours straight).  Plus, she provides the turkey for the meat-eaters in my family.  "Recovering Vegetarian" means I still can't be expected to master certain meat dishes.  So, for the past few years, that means I get to load up on turkey, tofurkey, 2 types of stuffing, and of gravy.  Why do I still pile on the vegetarian fare?  Because it tastes like home.  It may not be the greatest (though, I love making a vegetarian, classic stuffing and my mom preps one killer tofurkey) but certain things are good just because they're familiar - yummy-by-association.  

// Amazing how so many hours of preparation can go into a meal that's over so quickly.  But I love it!  Compared to many previous civilizations, America has an alarmingly few "feast days."  We seem to find plenty of reasons to (over)eat - the Superbowl to 4th of July to a Saturday night "just because" - but days that are focused partly on a feast?  We don't have too many of those.  And I love the way God works: He tells his people to feast out of gratitude and faith, so we get blessed even in thanking Him.  [Random thoughts...]

// I was anti-Black Friday this year.  Did order a few things online, but didn't go anywhere!  I did, however, grab this fur collar later in the weekend.  Love it :)

// Apple cup with friends was awesome - go Dawgs!

// Saturday, my flatmate and I picked up our Christmas tree and other decor.  It's lovely to have a little place to decorate!

I hope your Christmas season is off to a fun and festive start :)

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