Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

So many random thoughts today:

\\  Last night in my dream, I relived my very first bee-sting experience (from age 4), but as the age I am now.  It was really weird.  It happened at a friends house 2-doors down from us.  In the dream I was over there but now they had a bee-infestation.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure my subconscious had been storing up some childhood video footage just for that little nightmare.  Been kinda weirded out by that all day.

\\  Recently came across this post and giggled to myself all over again.

\\  I'm preparing a "Books of 2013" post of epic proportions!  Ok, not quite, but I'm excited about it.  So excited that I created an excel spreadsheet tracking the last 3 years of books, and their length by page number.  I also included the results for average number of pages per book, pages per month, and books per month.  I might even whip up a graph!  (Ok, nerd-moment.  I just might be my father's daughter when it comes to excel...).  I will just say, though I fall short of my original goal for the year, I was encouraged by these stats.  See here for a recap of 2012 and my thoughts on reading at the beginning of 2013. 

\\  While reviewing my reading experiences of 2012, I realized that within a 2 week period that January: I finished Macbeth, Clarissa, King Lear, To the Lighthouse, and Sherlock died.  I'm really surprised I survived that.

\\ Also while sorting the book-list (and because of what I'm currently reading), I just have to say stage-whisper, "I flipping love fantasy."

\\  Final thought on books: this Buzzfeed list of how you can tell you're in a relationship with your books. [The answer is D. All of the Above.]  It's funny, I passed a guy on the bus the other day reading a book in the same series as the one I'm in and couldn't repress a quick smile.  I sat down a few seats away and pulled out my book.  He glanced over and smiled.  We both returned to our books. :)

\\  If you haven't already seen them, Buzzfeed has 30 new Sherlock S3 stills.  I have thoughts... but I'll save them for now. :)

\\  This review makes me even more excited to see Inside Llewyn Davis!  "...if only the universe could stop oppressing Llewyn and listen to him then it would hear how beautiful it’s oppression is making him."

\\  I'm packing tonight - which always makes me nervous.  But I'm extra nervous because I'm supposed to pack fancy-shmancy clothes......but we're heading somewhere with a weekend high of 18* and a low around 0*.  Yikes! Pray I don't die!

\\  Annnd, here is my current favorite Christmas song:

Have a great Friday and a happy weekend :)


  1. Um, yes you are your father's daughter with excel :) I'm excited to see your book lists!

    1. Thanks! Super excited to share the list... and the graphs.

  2. this is my favorite sleeping at last song!! so glorious. i think it would make a great male/female duet.

    1. Oh that would be amazing! The imagery and metaphor in this song blow me away! Beks and I have decided that it's not a Christmas-only song and that we can listen to it through the Winter :)