Friday, February 26, 2010

My heart is pledged to Christ and my life is dedicated to beauty...

i think i will expand this thought later.

Monday, February 15, 2010

do you ever check your email repeatedly even though you're not waiting for anything specific, but still hoping that something will be there anyway?

haha... I do =)
I am beginning to realize that the true antidote to school is quality friend time and quality Jesus time. =)

I just had some of the former... twas glorious!

I also wanted to say that I hope everyone had a marvelous valentine's day. I know a lot of my friends won't celebrate because they're single, as am I. That's fair. I celebrated it as a special day with Jesus and with friends. So, Char and I got all dressed up and went to cheesecake factory on a date =) Then we rented a romantic comedy and then watched some pairs ice skating competition. So much fun. We definitely said "someday" several times throughout the day... but that's alright, because sometimes, I like to celebrate "someday." We need our "someday"s to sometimes give us hope in the present. Lots of songs talk about someday... but this is my "someday" song, by Future of Forestry:

Someday the light will be a sonnet
Someday the song will cover you
Someday the time will be forever...

These are kind of abstract, but i love them... they mean something to me, but I can't really describe what.

Have sweet dreams, Everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cutest Dress!

I found this really cute dress today! Isn't it cute? It has pockets! I looooooove dresses with pockets... hehe =)
I'm sad though. This dress was so cute! And it was only $20.

But......... Jesus put me on a shopping hold. I'm not allowed to buy clothes, shoes, or cosmetics until I have all the money for Spring tuition... But I almost broke down today

I just keep telling myself that I already have tons of beautiful things and that i don't need anything else... but this is harder than I thought it was going to be...
Jesus, help that money come in soon--then, maybe I can go back and get that dress!!!
grr! I'm trying to plan out my class schedule for next quarter... it's not going super well... :(

I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. I have a breakfast date with Melissa every other Wednesday. I need at least one lunch date free for discipleship meetings and so forth. But the university is not being very flexible.

I need to finish my french series--and i don't mind taking french, but you have to take it at the same time every day of the week. I'll just be really happy when I don't have that class restricting my life.
I also need 10 more science credits. I do have 7 quarters to take those two classes--but i want to get them out of the way.
I'm planning on hitting my Communications classes hard starting this quarter and going in to next year.

Oh! I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I was officially accepted into the Comm major. I'll be applying to the English major beginning of spring quarter. But I'm taking a furlough from English. I only need 5 more English classes to fulfill the requirements for that major--and some of those will be in my senior year. So I'm going to have to sit tight on that one. I'm just trusting Jesus for his timing with English.
I'm going to go look at more class combinations...

Ok... after much deliberation, I think my plan for next quarter is going to be
French 103: M-F 8:30-9:20
Comm 373 - Communications in Small Groups: M/W 9:30-11:20
Astro 150 - The Planets: T/TH 10:30-11:50 and W 11:30-12:20

We'll see... hopefully neither the Comm class nor the quiz section for Astro fills up too quickly. I'll be registering in two weeks... so, we'll see what happens then. =)

This was a prophetic word that one of the guys in my MC class gave us... it still wrecks me:
"My children, quit thinking you do not deserve my love. Truly you do not, but don't rob me of blessing you. Don't reject my kiss. I want you in my arms. Don't reject my affection all because you think you deserve it. You are my sons and daughters and my favor is on you. Why do you dwell on the past? I have already forgotten it. Now receive my kiss and my embrace. The longer you resist, the longer I wait. But I will continue to wait no matter how long it takes, because this kiss is reserved for you, and I will not spend it on anyone else..."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Things...

I put my earrings on every morning as I walk to the bus.

I have the same thing for breakfast every day—toast with peanut butter and a glass of Apple Juice.

Something about children’s fantasy really draws me in—I think it’s the acceptance of wonder.
I have nearly 1800 songs in my iTunes library—nearly 400 of which are from soundtracks or musicals
I was almost born 2 months premature.
My favorite time of year is June—peonies, roses, and long, beautiful days.
If I had a car, I would take fairly frequent trips to Spokane because I find that city so relaxing.
I don’t know why, but I really have been wanting to re-watch Peter Jackson’s King Kong.
I want my long hair back.
My favorite drink at Starbucks is tall, four pump, no-water, soy chai.
I think “hopeless romantic” is a compliment.
I have 13 scarves—and I need more :)
I like cheesy, sappy movies.
My favorite place (that I’ve been to) in the whole wide world is Ponte Vecchio in Firenze.
I’ve been to over half of the United States.
I’ve shopped in a Harrot’s during my 4 hour stay at Heathrow Airport
I like conventions—I really don’t care if this plot has been made into a romantic comedy 3 times this year, I want to see this one.
My favorite flowers are coral peonies.
I am avoiding a paper :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This world is filled with beautiful people and beautiful things. It is all too easy to be overwhelmed with the sad, the tragic, and the ugly. While we give ourselves to change these things and make the world a better place, let's also take time to celebrate beauty:

...the little boy who exhausts his energy running to greet his dad after work
...the husband who gets a dozen roses for his wife "just because"
...the coworker who buys a latte for their friend because its been a rough day
...the elderly couple walking through the park holding hands after 55 years of marriage
...the couple who have been trying and trying who finally find out they're pregnant
...the older brother who lovingly shares his toys
...the best friends who text each other because they know how badly the other needs to laugh
...the wife who prepares a candle-lit dinner to make her husband's day extra-special
...the parents who adopt--choosing to love someone else's child like they love their own
...the grandmother who peels her grandchild's apple slices and doesn't make her eat her crusts
...the stranger who buys lunch for a homeless man
...the gentleman who gives up his seat on the bus
...the daddy who takes his littler girl on a Starbucks date

Look at these and other examples of beauty in life and let's celebrate them today!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The girl, bundled up, stepped through the back door into the cool night air. Walking a ways into her backyard, she stopped, opened her clutched hands, and stared at them. Actually, she was staring at what lay in her hands: several gems--not real gems of course, because, as every girl knows, real gems only come from Papa. No, these where quite fake; but they were sparkly.

She looked at the gems. She looked at the stars. She looked back at the gems.

She had to bury them. She had to bury her dreams. If the dreams were true, only here in the field of hope, only after she buried them, would they grow.

And if they were the true dreams--the ones Papa had put inside her heart before time began--then He would give them back to her. And they would be real gems, fit for a princess to wear. And they would sparkle a hundred times more than they did right now.

She looked down once again at her little fake gems--her ruby, the two emeralds, her light sapphire, and the diamond! Oh, she would miss looking at that diamond, even if it was only glass.

But think of how much bigger and prettier it will be if Papa gives it back, said a little voice.

She sighed, knowing this was true.

One more look at her gems. One more look at the sky.

She closed her eyes, one little tear sneaking out as she did. She kissed her gems. And then, she threw them up, sky-high, and let them all fall and skip around her and come to rest in that fertile soil of her Papa's garden.

For she knew that under Papa's gentle care, the right gems would grow. And they would be beautiful. And someday they would be hers again. But for now she would have to wait. Wait and hope...