Wednesday, March 14, 2012

musing moments with sarah

Me: What are you doing?
Sarah: Reading a biography for homework.
M: Oh who's?
S: Edgar's.
M: haha... Edgar Allen Poe's?
S: Yah, I'm studying the Transcendental Pessimists. I've started calling them the "TP's"
M: haha... they could be a band head-lining Ed, Nate, and Hermie with bigs hits such as "Nevermore" and "Ah Bartleby."

"Ahhh... I almost had a homonym error in a message to a fellow English major. Eek!"
"Samara Lynn!" giggles

Sarah: Can I have my hair-tie back now?
Me: If you stop shooting at me.
Sarah: Oh well, never mind.

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