Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm heading out on my first, solo-road trip.
I am beyond excited!
I've been to Portland countless times... but its always been to visit family, and the city has become this fabulous, adventurous place without me even realizing it.
Several weeks ago when I found out I would have an 18-day long spring break (yes-18 glorious days!), the Lord suggested I try and get away. So here we go!
I'm going to be staying with my Aunt and Uncle, visiting my grandparents, and hanging out with a friend from Oxford (!!!). But other than that, I have very few plans. I'm going to visit Powell's and hopefully a few other fun spots... but I think there will be a lot of extemporaneous adventures--which is out of the ordinary for me.

I fully expect to get lost a couple times, and I have no doubt that I'll spend more money on books than clothes, but I think it will be such a fabulous time.

And I just have to give a shout out to my amazing Dad!
This morning he goes, "Now, we're getting an oil change today to make sure the car is fine, and I filled up yesterday so you should have a full tank of gas. And here's my AAA card if you have any emergencies." Oh... so precious! So grateful for him =)

Well, you can be on the look out for adventures in Portlandia over the next several days.
Until then I'll just be packing, getting my maps in order, and picking the perfect playlist for the trip down =)

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  1. aww, so much fun! And your dad is so cute- dads are such a blessing!
    have a blast!!!