Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday, I went ring shopping.
Haha... no really, I did. Just not because I'm actually in the market for a ring.
Last night I had the most fabulous date with my Aunt, who works for a jewelry boutique specializing in vintage pieces. So last night, her job was to do some recon on the competition and I was kind of the front for the recon. We went to several lovely places last night. I really liked Isadora (just up from Pike's Place). I got to try on a garnet ring there from the 1830's. The Bronte siblings were running around the Haworth moors and collaborating on fantasy pieces in the 1830's. Woah!
For dinner, we headed just around the corner for happy hour at Cafe Compagne--fabulous! After a delightful and leisurely meal, we settled down at the Georgian with a pot of cherry-rose, mint tea. What marvelous food and conversation! So grateful for Kristina and our relationship!!

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